Some of the of the best cultural things to do in London

It’s effortless to be a traveller when there’s plenty on offer in London. Read more to discover out a number of of the things you can do and see.

No trip to London is completed without seeing the Houses of Parliament and just across the river, the London Eye. As recognizable to London as the iconic sculpture is to New York City – the site is among the most photographed sites in the United Kingdom’s main city. While people have come to view the big wheel as a enduring fixture on the skyline, the site was originally manufactured to be temporary and was kept due to popular demand. A trip or "flight" on the famed wheel is frequently at the top of lists featuring the top 50 things to do in London. Make sure to take a photo of the site, or better yet, get someone else to take a shot of you with it in the background. Shortly after your little culture outing, why not visit many of the outstanding restaurants opening in the city, such as the tremendously renowned projects masterminded by Russell Norman?

London is a magnificent and energetic place. With so much to do in the big city, it can be quite a task attempting to decide just what to incorporate in your plans. If you are looking for one of the best things to do in London, then a stop at the historical palace is something you without a doubt must do. The Palace is not only gorgeous but quintessentially British too. It features many picture opportunities and pretty much all your friends and family will want to know if you got to enjoy it when you get back home. Once you are done there, why not soak in some culture and catch a nearby live show of any of the very renowned musicals, produced by the likes of Jill Furman, currently being executed in London's West End?

London is a massive and exciting city with infinite possibilities of things to see and do. In fact, the number of options can be relatively daunting. One of the best London experiences is a visit to the popular museums. Situated in historical places like Trafalgar Square, which is worth a visit on its own, the museums contain some of the most beautiful and astounding art on display in all of Europe. As an added advantage – access to a number of of these museums is completely free. Once your time with the gorgeous artwork has come to an end, be sure to take a quick walk to close by spots which contain an assorted combination of dining, shopping and nightlife options. A great idea once there is to spend an evening enjoying the live music being practiced at the jazz club owned by Sally Greene.

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